Arun K. Vuppaladadiyam

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Pongamia pinnata is a deciduous, salt tolerant, drought resistant nitrogen fixing leguminous tree and their seeds are well known for extraction of non-edible oil. In the present study, the crude oil extracted from Pongamia pinnata seed was used to synthesize biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters) by tranesterification with methanol in the presence of two(More)
The present study deals with the Geomorphological changes Detection study in Pulicat Lagoon. The study involves identifying the geomorphologic changes occurred due to the natural disasters and man made activities using 2008, 2010, 2013 satellite Images by adopting Remote Sensing Technologies and GIS tools. The study area is located in Nellore district of(More)
Sorption-enhanced steam reforming (SESR) is an energy and cost efficient approach to produce hydrogen with high purity. SESR makes it economically feasible to use a wide range of feedstocks for hydrogen production such as methane, ethanol, and biomass. Selection of catalysts and sorbents plays a vital role in SESR. This article reviews the recent research(More)
The present study is focused to optimize the coagulation process for treatment of water sourced from the Palar River Basin and supplied to the Vellore Municipality. The research was progressed to evaluate the water treatment efficacy of natural coagulant i.e. moringaoleiferaseed, available locally in abundance, as well as conventional coagulants viz. alum(More)
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