Arun K Ramachandran

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RATIONALE The recent emergence of hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S) as a potent cardioprotective signaling molecule necessitates the elucidation of its cytoprotective mechanisms. OBJECTIVE The present study evaluated potential mechanisms of H(2)S-mediated cardioprotection using an in vivo model of pharmacological preconditioning. METHODS AND RESULTS H(2)S (100(More)
Clinical studies have reported that the widely used antihyperglycemic drug metformin significantly reduces cardiac risk factors and improves clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure. The mechanisms by which metformin exerts these cardioprotective effects remain unclear and may be independent of antihyperglycemic effects. We tested the hypothesis(More)
BACKGROUND Hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S) is an endogenous signaling molecule with potent cytoprotective effects. The present study evaluated the therapeutic potential of H(2)S in murine models of heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS Heart failure was induced by subjecting mice either to permanent ligation of the left coronary artery for 4 weeks or to 60 minutes(More)
We fit the size distribution of liquid-ordered (L(o)) domains measured from fluorescence images of model cytoplasmic myelin monolayers with an equilibrium thermodynamic expression that includes the competing effects of line tension, λ, dipole density difference, Δm, and the mixing entropy. From these fits, we extract the line tension, λ, and dipole density(More)
This study investigated whether long-term, habitual practice of Tai Chi (or Taiji) results in behavioral modifications during gait. Specifically, we examined whether Tai Chi (TC) experience alters gait behavior during normal and obstructed walking. Fifteen experienced TC practitioners and fifteen control subjects (average age 45 years, 23-66 year range)(More)
Flow of soft matter objects through one-dimensional environments is important in industrial, biological and biomedical systems. Establishing the underlying principles of the behavior of soft matter in confinement can shed light on its performance in many man-made and biological systems. Here, we report an experimental and theoretical study of translocation(More)
The size distribution of domains in phase-separated lung surfactant monolayers influences monolayer viscoelasticity and compressibility which, in turn, influence monolayer collapse and set the compression at which the minimum surface tension is reached. The surfactant-specific protein SP-B decreases the mean domain size and polydispersity as shown by(More)
Power management has had an ever increasing role in the present electronic industry. Battery powered and handheld applications require power management techniques to extend the life of the battery and consequently the operation life of the device. Most systems incorporate several voltage regulators which supply various subsystems and provide isolation among(More)
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