Arun K. Hariharan

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The Azadirachta indica (neem) tree is a source of a wide number of natural products, including the potent biopesticide azadirachtin. In spite of its widespread applications in agriculture and medicine, the molecular aspects of the biosynthesis of neem terpenoids remain largely unexplored. The current report describes the draft genome and four transcriptomes(More)
Neeraja M. Krishnan, Swetansu Pattnaik, S. A. Deepak, Arun K. Hariharan, Prakhar Gaur, Rakshit Chaudhary, Prachi Jain, Srividya Vaidyanathan, P. G. Bharath Krishna and Binay Panda* Ganit Labs, Bio-IT Centre, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Biotech Park, Electronic City Phase I, Bangalore 560 100, India Strand Life Sciences, Kirloskar(More)
Grain amaranths, edible C4 dicots, produce pseudo-cereals high in lysine. Lysine being one of the most limiting essential amino acids in cereals and C4 photosynthesis being one of the most sought-after phenotypes in protein-rich legume crops, the genome of one of the grain amaranths is likely to play a critical role in crop research. We have sequenced the(More)
Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.), an evergreen tree of the Meliaceae family, is known for its medicinal, cosmetic, pesticidal and insecticidal properties. We had previously sequenced and published the draft genome of a neem plant, using mainly short read sequencing data. In this report, we present an improved genome assembly generated using additional(More)
Oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas (OTSCC) are a homogeneous group of tumors characterized by aggressive behavior, early spread to lymph nodes and a higher rate of regional failure. Additionally, the incidence of OTSCC among younger population (<50yrs) is on the rise; many of whom lack the typical associated risk factors of alcohol and/or tobacco(More)
1 variants and pathways linked to risk habits, HPV, clinical parameters and tumor 2 recurrence 3 4 Neeraja M Krishnan, Saurabh Gupta, Vinayak Palve, Linu Varghese, Swetansu 5 Pattnaik, Prachi Jain, Costerwell Khyriem, Arun K Hariharan, Kunal Dhas, 6 Jayalakshmi Nair, Manisha Pareek, Venkatesh K Prasad, Gangotri Siddappa, 7 Amritha Suresh, Vikram D(More)
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