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BACKGROUND Cognitive abilities, such as working memory, differ among people; however, individuals also vary in their own day-to-day cognitive performance. One potential source of cognitive variability may be fluctuations in the functional organization of neural systems. The degree to which the organization of these functional networks is optimized may(More)
An epidemiological study was performed to evaluate the relation between low-back discomfort ratings and use of the revised NIOSH lifting guide to assess the risk of manual material handling (MMH) tasks. We surveyed 97 MMH workers on site in 15 factories and designed a questionnaire to systematically collect job-related information. Approximately 90% of the(More)
What happens in vision-related cortical areas when congenitally blind (CB) individuals orient attention to spatial locations? Previous neuroimaging of sighted individuals has found overlapping activation in a network of frontoparietal areas including frontal eye fields (FEF), during both overt (with eye movement) and covert (without eye movement) shifts of(More)
BACKGROUND Few prospective cohort studies of distal upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders have been performed. Past studies have provided somewhat conflicting evidence for occupational risk factors and have largely reported data without adjustments for many personal and psychosocial factors. METHODS/DESIGN A multi-center prospective cohort study was(More)
OBJECTIVE This manuscript systematically quantifies multiple measures of low-back pain (LBP) prevalence by pain rating in a large, multisite cohort of workers. BACKGROUND Published LBP prevalence rates vary. Studies rely on one measure of LBP and none report prevalence stratified by pain rating. METHOD Cross-sectional analyses of baseline data from a(More)
Youth and adolescents are routinely engaged in manual material handling (MMH) tasks that may exceed their strength capability to perform the task and may place them at excessive risk for musculoskeletal disorders. This paper reports on a two-dimensional biomechanical model that was developed to assess MMH tasks performed by youth 3-21 years of age. The(More)
i 4 Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents This document is in the public domain and may be freely copied or reprinted. Disclaimer Mention of any company or product does not constitute endorsement by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In addition, citations to Web sites external to NIOSH do not constitute NIOSH(More)
Various facts demonstrated that UVB is harmful to organisms. Sunscreen compounds are usually used to prevent the excessive damage caused by UVB. However, certain photosynthetic organisms have evolved mechanisms to counteract the toxicity of ultraviolet radiation by synthesizing UV screening compounds such as mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs). MAAs provide(More)
BACKGROUND Low Back Pain (LBP) is a common and costly problem, with variation in prevalence. Epidemiological reports of rating of pain intensity and location within the low back area are rare. The objective is to describe LBP in a large, multi-center, occupational cohort detailing both point and 1-month period prevalence of LBP by location and intensity(More)
BACKGROUND Few prospective cohort studies of workplace low back pain (LBP) with quantified job physical exposure have been performed. There are few prospective epidemiological studies for LBP occupational risk factors and reported data generally have few adjustments for many personal and psychosocial factors. METHODS/DESIGN A multi-center prospective(More)