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PURPOSE Effective diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) relies on accurate interpretation of radiological patterns found in a chest radiograph (CXR). Lack of skilled radiologists and other resources, especially in developing countries, hinders its efficient diagnosis. Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) methods provide second opinion to the radiologists for their(More)
The flexibility of dynamically typed languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Scheme comes at the cost of run-time type checks. Some of these checks can be eliminated via control-flow analysis. However, traditional control-flow analysis (CFA) is not ideal for this task as it ignores flow-sensitive information that can be gained from dynamic type(More)
A common paradigm for scientific computing is distributed message-passing systems, and a common approach to these systems is to implement them across clusters of high-performance workstations. As multi-core architectures become increasingly mainstream, these clusters are very likely to include multi-core machines. However, the theoretical models which are(More)
BACKGROUND Nanomaterials are considered to be the pre-eminent component of the rapidly advancing field of nanotechnology. However, developments in the biologically inspired synthesis of nanoparticles are still in their infancy and consequently attracting the attention of material scientists throughout the world. Keeping in mind the fact that(More)
Telescoping languages is a strategy to automatically generate highly-optimized domain-specific libraries. The key idea is to create specialized variants of library procedures through extensive offline processing. This paper describes a telescoping system, called ARGen, which generates high-performance Fortran or C libraries from prototype Matlab code for(More)
The recent rise in the popularity of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has been fueled by software frameworks, such as NVIDIA's Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and Khronos Group's OpenCL that make GPUs available for general purpose computing. However, CUDA and OpenCL are still low-level approaches that require users to handle details about data(More)
Protection against intracellular fungal infections, in a manner similar to viral challenges necessitates activation of both humoral and cell mediated immune responses in unison. Most of the presently available antigen delivery vehicles including egg phosphatidyl-choline (egg-PC) liposomes, can evoke mainly humoral immune responses in the immunized animals.(More)
At Rice University, we have undertaken a project to construct a framework for generating high-level problem solving languages that can achieve high performance on a variety of platforms.The underlying strategy, called <i>telescoping languages</i>, builds problem-solving systems from domain-specific libraries and scripting langauges. To accomplish this it(More)
There is an emerging class of computationally demanding multimedia applications involving vision, speech and interaction with the real world (e.g., CRL's Smart Kiosk). These applications are highly parallel and require low latencies for good performance. They are well-suited for implementation on clusters of SMP's, but they require efficient scheduling of(More)