Arun C. S. Kumar

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This paper presents a survey on the detection and recognition of traffic signs which has a number of important application areas that include advanced driver assistance systems, road surveying and autonomous vehicles. This has been thoroughly studied for a long time. But still it remains a challenging problem in computer vision due to the different types(More)
In this paper the supervised application of fuzzy min-max neural networks to business intelligence is discussed. It utilizes fuzzy sets as pattern classes and builds a fuzzy hyper box for each class in a single pass of the test data. The fuzzy set hyper box is defined by its min point and max point membership functions which are determined by an(More)
The name "WiMAX" was created by the “WiMAX Forum”, which was formed in June. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) standards define formal specifications for deployment of broadband wireless metropolitan area networks (wireless MANs).Wireless MANs as needed in WiMAX standards provide wireless broadband access anywhere, anytime, and on(More)
A novel multi-criteria optimization framework for matching of partially visible shapes in multiple images using joint geometric graph embedding is proposed. The proposed framework achieves matching of partial shapes in images that exhibit extreme variations in scale, orientation, viewpoint and illumination and also instances of occlusion; conditions which(More)
Intuitionistic Fuzzy numbers each of which is characterized by the degree of membership and the degree of non-membership of an element are a very useful means to depict the decision information in the process of decision making. The aim of this article is to investigate the approach to multiple attribute group decision making with intuitionistic trapezoidal(More)
The significant performance gains in deep learning coupled with the exponential growth of image and video data on the Internet have resulted in the recent emergence of automated image captioning systems. Two broad paradigms have emerged in automated image captioning, i.e., generative model-based approaches and retrieval-based approaches. Although generative(More)
Effective and cost-efficient monitoring is indispensable for ensuring environmental sustainability. Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs) are a major water quality and public health issue in inland water bodies. The recent popularity of online social media (OSM) platforms coupled with advances in cloud computing and data analytics has given rise(More)
Detecting actions or verbs in still images is a challenging problem for a variety of reasons such as the absence of temporal information and polysemy of verbs which lead to difficulty in generating large verb datasets. In this paper, we propose to first detect the prominent objects in the image and then infer the relevant actions or verbs using Natural(More)
For person identification and forensic security, the fingerprint and the palmprint are the common authentic biometrics methods. Biometric system which is essentially a pattern recognition system makes use of biometric traits to recognize the person. This project proposes to exploit the minutiae based fingerprint and palmprint identification using(More)
We propose a novel approach for detecting and reconstructing classspecific objects from 2D images. Reconstruction and detection, despite major advances, are still wanting in performance. Hence, approaches that try to solve them jointly, so that one can be used to resolve the ambiguities of the other, especially while employing data-driven class-specific(More)