Arun B. Samaddar

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Cloud Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has emerged as a tool for analysis, processing and transmission of geospatial data. The Fog computing is a paradigm where Fog devices help to increase throughput and reduce latency at the edge of the client. This paper developed a Fog Computing based framework named FogGIS for mining analytics from geospatial data.(More)
The accelerated growth rate of the human intellectuality of any country warrants a rapid development of information infrastructural facility protecting their intellectual property. Basically determination of potential Geographical Indication (GI) is a necessity for timely protection of intellectual property of geographical characteristics. The process of(More)
IEEE LTSA framework for e-Learning provides a template that may be used for digital distance learning. However, with the advent of newer and faster communication technologies, the concept of on-line learning and evaluation came into being. Most of these systems are operating in an environment of distributed system. On-line learning expanded the earlier(More)
Today’s economic growth rate of any country hugely depends on development of the mining sector. Thus, the level of technology employed for meeting the extraction conditions must meet environmental norms. Exploration of mineral resources in India and mining is a ready application for technologies for ensuring productivity and efficiency. Mineral resources(More)
The basic challenge for an autonomous mobile robot is to find a collision free path while navigating from a starting position to a target position. In real-life, autonomous mobile robots are useful in many fields including traffic planning for smart cities, military operations, warehouses applications etc. A ranging sensor-based collision-free navigation(More)
The task of transcribing children’s speech using statistical models trained on adults’ speech is very challenging. Large mismatch in the acoustic and linguistic attributes of the training and test data is reported to degrade the performance. In such speech recognition tasks, the differences in pitch (or fundamental frequency) between the two groups of(More)
In this paper, we have explored the effectiveness of some of the existing acoustic features for the task of recognizing children's speech using acoustic models trained on adults' speech. Among the explored features, the Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) and the perceptual linear prediction cepstral coefficients (PLPCC) are the most commonly used(More)
The Information Centric Networking (ICN) is a novel concept of a large scale ecosystem of wireless actuators and computing technologies. ICN technologies are getting popular in the development of various applications to bring day-to-day comfort and ease in human life. The e-healthcare monitoring services is a subset of ICN services which has been utilized(More)
Extracting large body movement dataset from textual instruction could be useful for serious games for health to learning by demonstration in robotics. The interpretation of instructions for the automatic generation of the corresponding motions (e.g. exercises) and the validation of these movements are difficult tasks. In this article we analyzed a step(More)