Arul Pandian

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In order to understand the mechanism of the feto-maternal immune relationship, we assayed the immunosuppression activities of fresh blastocoelic fluid and decomplemented peripheral serum collected from day-9 pregnant white New Zealand rabbits and of rabbit embryo culture medium (ECM). Because the viability of the human lymphocytes was not affected by either(More)
In this paper the new ways discussed to cut costs for delivering high-quality product in the today’s global economy. Control charts technique is used to study the process stability and reduce the number of defects in the software product. The Process Performance Model (PPM) is also discussed for the project performance over time among various factors and to(More)
In this proposed method, the Tamil language texts are analyzed through the Morris-Pratt Algorithm as input image that filtered with Gabor filter for edge analysis. Then, it converted into unique strings from the text blocks. The text strings consist of text stroke to analyze the pattern. By using wavelet transform, the features of pattern are extracted and(More)
Process Capability Indices (PCI) is an effective and excellent method of measuring product quality and determine whether the production process produce product within the specified limits. Cp , Cpk , Cpm and Cpmk are most used traditional process capability indices. In this paper, the fuzzy set theory concept is used to extent the process capability(More)
Temporal variation in immunosuppressive activity was determined in biological samples such as embryo-foetal fluids (blastocoelic- or amino-allantoic fluid) and blood collected from pregnant and pseudopregnant rabbits. Each of the fluids to be analyzed was pre-incubated with mitogen stimulated human lymphocytes for 48 h and then inhibition of [3H]thymidine(More)
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