Arul Asirvatham

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We consider the problem of creating a map between two arbitrary triangle meshes. Whereas previous approaches compose parametrizations over a simpler intermediate domain, we directly create and optimize a continuous map between the meshes. Map distortion is measured with a new symmetric metric, and is minimized during interleaved coarse-to-fine refinement of(More)
Many applications benefit from surface parameterization, including texture mapping, morphing, remeshing, compression, object recognition, and detail transfer, because processing is easier on the domain than on the original irregular mesh. We present a method for simultaneously parameterizing several genus-0 meshes possibly with boundaries onto a common(More)
Internet is very large source of information. But these flow of information need to be controlled in various organizations, i. e. in companies job portals and personal mail services are blocked, in colleges entertainment related websites are blocked. Consider college scenario, Admin have to keep watch on site the student accessing. He uses proxy services(More)
Word Wide Web is huge repository of information. So there is tremendous growth in internet access by the user. To fulfill the requirement of numerous users, new sites are launched by the companies in the market every day. In previous we have to use conditional filtering to avoid illegal sites in campus. For that we have to manually provide that link to be(More)
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