Artyom M Kiselyov

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The first ultrastructural and immunomorphological characteristics of the karyosphere (karyosome) and extrachromosomal nuclear bodies in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, are presented. The karyosphere forms early in the diplotene stage of meiotic prophase by the gathering of all oocyte chromosomes in a limited nuclear volume. Using the BrUTP assay,(More)
198 In this report, we present the first data on the struc ture of the extrachromosomal nuclear compartment in the oocytes of Tribolium castaneum, a novel laboratory insect. This object was chosen due to the growing interest of many specialists to it, because T. castaneum is likely to be brought to the leading edge as an experi mental model; the genome of(More)
The nucleus of vitellogenic oocytes of the yellow mealworm Tenebrio molitor contains a karyosphere that consists of condensed chromatin embedded in an extrachromosomal fibrogranular material. Numerous nuclear bodies located freely in the nucleoplasm are also observed. Amongst these bodies, counterparts of nuclear speckles (= interchromatin granule clusters(More)
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