Arturo de Falco

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Cholecystoenteric fistula (CF) is a rare complication of cholelithiasis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and risk of complications when the laparoscopic approach is applied in patients with CF. A questionnaire was mailed to all surgeons with experience of >100 cholecystectomies working in Naples, Italy, and the neighboring area. Between(More)
We observed two families with a dominantly inherited complex neurological syndrome with onset in adulthood. Family F included 9 affected in four generations. One patient showed prominent anticipation of onset age. Onset was with cerebellar signs followed by dementia, psychiatric symptoms, seizures, and extrapyramidal features. Family M included 14 affected(More)
The measurement of primary π±, K±, p and p production at mid-rapidity (|y| < 0.5) in proton–proton collisions at √ s = 7 TeV performed with a large ion collider experiment at the large hadron collider (LHC) is reported. Particle identification is performed using the specific ionisation energy-loss and time-of-flight information, the ringimaging Cherenkov(More)
Benign adult familial myoclonic epilepsy (BAFME or FAME) is an autosomal dominant condition, characterized by shivering-like tremors of cortical origin, myoclonus, and epilepsy. Linkage to chromosomes 2p11.1-q12.2 and 8q23.1-q24.11 has been reported in Japanese and Italian families, respectively. We aimed to determine whether a common founder haplotype was(More)
Intractable epilepsy and peculiar EEG patterns characterize ring chromosome 20 syndrome [r(20)], while dysmorphic features, mental retardation and behavioural disturbances are widely variable. The clinical evolution of r(20) over time is not well defined as relatively few cases have been reported. Here we describe a patient with severe clinical features(More)
The complex association between migraine (M) and ischemic stroke (IS) is discussed. Epidemiological studies and meta-analyses show that M with aura (MA) and not M without aura, doubles the risk of IS. The risk is higher for female gender, young age and higher headache attacks frequency. Smoking habit and oral contraceptives, especially if associated,(More)
The Authors describe a non-demented patient who, after a left subthalamic haemorrhage causing hemiballism, was completely unaware of both neurological (i.e., dyskinesias) and non-neurological (i.e., cough) symptoms occurring after the stroke. In contrast, he was perfectly able to acknowledge pathological conditions affecting him before the brain damage.(More)
We present a new measurement of J/ψ production in Pb-Pb collisions at 158 GeV/nucleon, from the data sample collected in year 2000 by the NA50 Collaboration, under improved experimental conditions with respect to previous years. With the target system placed in vacuum, the setup was better adapted to study, in particular, the most peripheral nuclear(More)
The yield of muon pairs in the invariant mass region 1<M<2.5 GeV/c produced in heavy-ion collisions significantly exceeds the sum of the two expected contributions, Drell-Yan dimuons and muon pairs from the decays of D meson pairs. These sources properly account for the dimuons produced in proton-nucleus collisions. In this paper, we show that dimuons are(More)
R. Arnaldi 10, R. Averbeck 9, K. Banicz 2,4, J. Castor 3, B. Chaurand 7, C. Cicalò 1, A. Colla 10, P. Cortese 10, S. Damjanovic 4, A. David 2,5, A. De Falco 1, A. Devaux 3, A. Drees 9, L. Ducroux 6, H. En’yo 8, A. Ferretti 10, M. Floris 1, P. Force 3, A. ,Förster 2, N. Guettet 2,3, A. Guichard 6, H. Gulkanian 11, J. Heuser 8, M. Keil 2,5, L. Kluberg 2,7, C.(More)