Arturo Tena-Colunga

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The updated version for the Manual of Civil Structures (MOC), a model seismic code in Mexico, was published in 2008. MOC also is incorporating guidelines for the seismic design of base-isolated structures this year 2012, being the first Mexican code to include such recommendations. This paper summarizes the most relevant aspects of these guidelines, their(More)
A parametric study devoted to assess the limiting value for the static eccentricity (es) for the application of the simplified method for seismic analysis (SMSA) of bearing-wall confined masonry structures of Mexican Building Codes is presented. Based upon the results of a comprehensive parametric study, limiting values for es for the use of the SMSA are(More)
The writer presents a parametric study devoted to investigate the behavior of nonprismatic members having T-sections by using three-dimensional ~3D! finite-element models ~FEMs!. Fixed-end moments and stiffness coefficients were computed from the 3DFEMs considering thrust effects. As a result of the parametric study, the writer proposed a practical modeling(More)
In this paper, the authors summarize the results of a parametric study devoted to evaluate the seismic behavior of low to medium rise regular special moment-resisting steel frames with hysteretic energy dissipation devices mounted on chevron steel bracing. For that purpose, 270 different building models were designed considering typical story heights and(More)
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