Arturo Serna

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In this paper, we analyze the conditions for convergence toward General Relativity of scalar-tensor gravity theories defined by an arbitrary coupling function α (in the Einstein frame). We show that, in general, the evolution of the scalar field (φ) is governed by two opposite mechanisms: an attraction mechanism which tends to drive scalar-tensor models(More)
We analyze the qualitative behaviors of scalar-tensor cosmologies with an arbitrary monotonic !( ) function. In particular, we are interested on scalartensor theories distinguishable at early epochs from General Relativity (GR) but leading to predictions compatible with solar-system experiments. After extending the method developed by Lorentz-Petzold and(More)
In a previous paper (Serna & Alimi 1996b), we have pointed out the existence of some particular scalar-tensor gravity theories able to relax the nucleosynthesis constraint on the cosmic baryonic density. In this paper, we present an exhaustive study of primordial nucleosynthesis in the framework of such theories taking into account the currently adopted(More)
Cryobanking somatic foetal cells acquire much relevance in endangered species for biodiversity conservation purposes. Such cells could be later used to reintroduce the lost genes into the breeding pool, by inducing pluripotency and/or nuclear transfer if necessary. Since requirements for preserving foetal cells are not always the same as for adult ones, we(More)
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