Arturo Rebeccato

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A prospective, randomised study was conducted to evaluate the clinical and functional outcomes at 12 months of followup in two groups of patients affected by femoral neck fractures and treated with cemented or cementless bipolar hemiarthroplasty. Fifty-three cemented and 53 cementless prostheses were implanted on alternate days in 106 consecutive patients.(More)
A retrospective comparison of three surgical procedures for the acute treatment of closed ruptures of the Achilles tendon is presented: 1) open repair, 2) a percutaneous technique, and 3) a combined mini-open and percutaneous technique. The authors compared the results of 52 tendon ruptures, including 15 open repairs, 15 percutaneous repairs, and 22(More)
The authors report a retrospective study involving 25 feet in 21 patients who underwent percutaneous drilling for chronic heel pain. Patients with increased activity of the heel were considered for surgical treatment if there was increased uptake on the delayed bone scans. The average follow-up was 21 months (range, 6 to 30 months). All patients were(More)
A new design for a 3-part ankle replacement was developed in an effort to achieve compatibility with the naturally occurring ligaments of the ankle by allowing certain fibers to remain isometric during passive motion. In order to test the design concept clinically, 158 prostheses were implanted in 156 patients within a 9-center trial and were followed up(More)
A case report is presented regarding a patient with type IV bilateral ectrodactyly treated with a double surgical approach: in forefoot to correct the malformation and in rearfoot to prevent secondary deformity of the subtalar joint. The forefoot was enlarged and in particular the second and third rays were absent. There was also a metatarsus primus varus(More)
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