Arturo Olvera

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We compute accurately the golden critical invariant circles of several area-preserving twist maps of the cylinder. We define some functions related to the invariant circle and to the dynamics of the map restricted to the circle (for example, the conjugacy between the circle map giving the dynamics on the invariant circle and a rigid rotation on the circle).(More)
In the last decades, renormalization group (RG) ideas have been applied to describe universal properties of different routes to chaos (quasi-periodic, period doubling or tripling, Siegel disk boundaries, etc.). Each of the RG theories leads to universal scaling exponents which are related to the action of certain RG operators. The goal of this announcement(More)
Land surveying in ancient states is documented not only for Eurasia but also for the Americas, amply attested by two Acolhua-Aztec pictorial manuscripts from the Valley of Mexico. The Codex Vergara and the Códice de Santa María Asunción consist of hundreds of drawings of agricultural fields that uniquely record surface areas as well as perimeter(More)
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