Arturo Núñez

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Novel user-oriented networked systems will simultaneously exploit a variety of wired and wireless communication modalities to offer different levels of quality of service (QoS), including reliability and security to users, low economic cost, and performance. Within a single such user-oriented network, different connections themselves may differ from each(More)
In this paper we investigate how “self-awareness'', through on-line self-monitoring and measurement, coupled with intelligent adaptive behaviour in response to observed data, can be used to offer adaptive web service for the end-user. Through this mechanism the end-user will notice a Quality of Service (QoS) improvement, every time a web page is requested.(More)
In this article, it has implemented a module of network traffic balance, using defined networks by software (SDN), distributing the flow of network information, according to physical external variables which come from electronic sensors. The architecture of proposed network works with the Floodlight controller, which executes the module of load balance,(More)
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