Arturo Minor Martínez

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BACKGROUND Although electrical stimulation of the larynx has been widely studied for treating voice disorders, its effectiveness has not been assessed under safety and comfortable conditions. This article describes design, theoretical issues, and preliminary evaluation of an innovative system for transdermal electrical stimulation of the larynx. The(More)
BACKGROUND Optical assistance in laparoscopic surgery is essential for an optimal procedure. Unlike conventional surgery, it requires new systems to reduce spatial location time, navigation and cleanliness without compromising surgical quality. This article shows the kinematic analysis of a new bio-mechatronic design to assist laparoscopic visual(More)
In this article, we describe the construction and validation of a laparoscopic trainer using an iPhone 5 and a plastic document holder case. The abdominal cavity was simulated with a clear plastic document holder case. On 1 side of the case, 2 holes for entry of laparoscopic instruments were drilled. We added a window to place the camera of the iPhone,(More)
In this article we describe a new concept for manipulating a laparoscope during surgery training. The methodology of handling and navigating of the laparoscope suggested depends on the position of the surgeon's body, assisted by a mechatronic system with three degrees of freedom.
BACKGROUND Various methods for evaluating laparoscopic skill have been reported, but without detailed information on the configuration used they are difficult to reproduce. Here we present a method based on the trigonometric relationships between the instruments used in a laparoscopic training platform in order to provide a tool to aid in the reproducible(More)
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