Arturo Jiménez

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This article presents a process for the simultaneous determination of distances among objects in an indoor localization system using an acoustic sensor network. The proposed technique is based on a simultaneous time-of-flight measurement for the emitted acoustic signals from every object, without needing any additional signal to be used for synchronization.(More)
In recent history the volume of electronic products purchased by consumers has dramatically escalated. As a result this has produced an ever-increasing electronic waste (E-waste) stream, which has generated concerns regarding the E-waste's potential for adversely impacting the environment. The leaching of toxic substances from obsolete personal computers(More)
The Petlyuk distillation configuration has received considerable attention because of its efficiency to reduce the energy required for the separation of ternary mixtures. The structure of the Petlyuk system offers some control challenges arising from the transfer of vapor streams back and forth between the columns. This means that neither of the columns can(More)
Distillation is a widely used separation method in the process industries and it is the largest energy consumer among individual process units. Improvement of energy efficiency in distillation systems is still an active research field. Among the issues concerned with the improvement of energy efficiency of distillation systems, the optimal design and(More)
We try to obtain a spatio-temporal model of earthquakes occurrence based on Information Theory and Cellular Automata (CA). The CA supply useful models for many investigations in natural sciences; here, it have been used to establish temporal relations between the seismic events occurring in neighbouring parts of the crust. The catalogue used is divided into(More)
A comparative analysis of the feedback control responses to set point changes of three thermally coupled distillation schemes and two conventional distillation sequences for the separation of ternary mixtures is presented. Designs for the thermally coupled schemes were obtained and optimized for energy consumption to link their energy characteristics to(More)
This work describes the design of a ultrasonic local positioning system (ULPS) with large covered area. The beacons have been designed with a cylindrical PVDF transducer (piezofilm transducer) to which a conical reflector has been connected to enlarge the covered area and to guarantee 3D indoor positioning. The proposed ULPS for mobile robots (MR) uses(More)
In this work, several Code Division Multiple Access encoding schemes are evaluated for their application in ultrasonic sensory systems based on the determination of times-of-flight. Proper encoding improves the performance of such systems in terms of noise immunity, capability of simultaneous measurements and precision in the distance measurements.(More)
The design of advanced sonar modules implies the use of more and more complex processing algorithms, in order to obtain as much information as possible from the environment. The use of simultaneous emission and reception techniques in certain transducers, that form an ultrasonic sensorial module, allows to increase the benefits and the performance of this(More)