Arturo Hernández-Aguirre

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This paper presents a genetic programming approach for the synthesis of logic functions by means of multiplexers. The approach uses the 1-control line multi-plexer as the only design unit. Any logic function (defined by a truth table) can be produced through the replica-tion of this single unit. Our fitness function works in two stages: first, it finds(More)
Due to the increasing demand for renewable fuels that are economically attractive, as well as part of the quest for energy alternatives to replace carbon-based fuels, the purification of ethanol plays a key role. This paper presents the design and optimization of a dehydration process for ethanol, using two separation sequences: a conventional arrangement(More)
This paper introduces the design of the hyperconic multilayer perceptron (HC-MLP). Complex non-linear decision regions for classification purposes are generated by quadratic hyper-surfaces spawned by the hyperconic neurons in the hidden layer (for instance, spheres, ellipsoids, paraboloids, hyperboloids and degenerate conics). In order to generate quadratic(More)
This paper presents the use of graphical models and copula functions in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDAs) for solving multivariate optimization problems. It is shown in this work how the incorporation of copula functions and graphical models for modeling the dependencies among variables provides some theoretical advantages over traditional EDAs.(More)
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