Arturo H. Ariño

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Much ecology considers only the typical size of a population, yet extreme values may be of particular importance. Unusually low numbers may doom a population to extinction and unusually high numbers may pose an economic threat. Extreme values may also determine the evolutionary traits that predominate. Obviously, even for a fixed variance in annual numbers,(More)
In order to effectively understand and cope with the current 'biodiversity crisis', having large-enough sets of qualified data is necessary. Information facilitators such as the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) are ensuring increasing availability of primary biodiversity records by linking data collections spread over several institutions(More)
To detect differences in the information available on freshwater fish species found in Mexican biosphere reserves, the number of species considered in three sources of information: management programmes, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the scientific literature were compared. Additionally, management actions for the reserves were(More)
—Despite efforts by researchers worldwide to assess the biodiversity of plant groups, many locations on Earth remain poorly surveyed, resulting in inadequate or biased knowledge. Robust estimates of inventory completeness could help alleviate the problem. This study aimed to identify areas representing gaps in current knowledge of African palms, with a(More)
Biodiversity informatics is a relatively new discipline extending computer science in the context of biodiversity data, and its development to date has not been uniform throughout the world. Digitizing effort and capacity building are costly, and ways should be found to prioritize them rationally. The proposed 'Biodiversity Informatics Potential (BIP)(More)
such as acidification (Ovington, 1953; Zinke, 1962; Riha et al., 1986), accumulation of organic matter (OvingCommonly reported effects of pine on topsoil include acidification, ton, 1954; Van Berghem et al., 1986), cation leaching a decrease in biological activity, and an accumulation of surface organic matter. Such effects have not been documented for(More)
The knowledge of biodiversity within an area is vital if we want to develop adequate conservation strategies. Biosphere Reserves are purposefully established for the sustainable use of their resources, and therefore their biodiversity should be well known. We compared and evaluated information available for Mexican Biosphere Reserves on threatened and(More)
UNLABELLED In any data quality workflow, data publishers must become aware of issues in their data so these can be corrected. User feedback mechanisms provide one avenue, while global assessments of datasets provide another. To date, there is no publicly available tool to allow both biodiversity data institutions sharing their data through the Global(More)