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A wavelet-based damage detection algorithm based on bridge acceleration response to a vehicle
Abstract Previous research based on theoretical simulations has shown the potential of the wavelet transform to detect damage in a beam by analysing the time-deflection response due to a constantExpand
An Investigation into the Acceleration Response of a Damaged Beam-Type Structure to a Moving Force
Abstract In recent years there have been a growing number of publications on procedures for damage detection in beams from analysing their dynamic response to the passage of a moving force. Most ofExpand
Reduction of bridge dynamic amplification through adjustment of vehicle suspension damping
Abstract This paper presents a novel approach to the reduction of short-span bridge dynamic responses to heavy vehicle crossing events. The reductions are achieved through adjustment of the vehicleExpand
Characteristic Dynamic Increment for Extreme Traffic Loading Events on Short and Medium Span Highway Bridges
Abstract More accurate assessment of safety can prevent unnecessary repair or replacement of existing bridges which in turn can result in great cost savings at network level. The allowance forExpand
Characterisation of pavement profile heights using accelerometer readings and a combinatorial optimisation technique
Pavement surface profiles induce dynamic ride responses in vehicles which can potentially be used to classify road surface roughness. A novel method is proposed for the characterisation of pavementExpand
Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction using finite element modelling
First investigations on the dynamic response of bridges due to moving loads were motivated by the collapse of the Chester railway bridge in the UK in the middle of the 19th century. This failure madeExpand
Highway Bridge Assessment for Dynamic Interaction with Critical Vehicles
10th International Conference on Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structures (ICOSSAR 2009), Osaka, Japan, 13-17 September, 2009