Arturo C. Marti

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We use ordinal patterns and symbolic analysis to construct global climate networks and uncover long- and short-term memory processes. Data analyzed are the monthly averaged surface air temperature (SAT field), and the results suggest that the time variability of the SAT field is determined by patterns of oscillatory behavior that repeat from time to time,(More)
We review our recent work on the synchronization of a network of delaycoupled maps, focusing on the interplay of the network topology and the delay times that take into account the finite velocity of propagation of interactions. We assume that the elements of the network are identical (N logistic maps in the regime where the individual maps, without(More)
We investigate the dynamics of an array of chaotic logistic maps coupled with random delay times. We report that for adequate coupling strength the array is able to synchronize, in spite of the random delays. Specifically, we find that the synchronized state is a homogeneous steady state, where the chaotic dynamics of the individual maps is suppressed. This(More)
We study the synchronization of a linear array of globally coupled identical logistic maps. We consider a time-delayed coupling that takes into account the finite velocity of propagation of the interactions. We find globally synchronized states in which the elements of the array evolve along a periodic orbit of the uncoupled map, while the spatial(More)
Recently, a new kind of optically coupled oscillators that behave as relaxation oscillators has been studied experimentally in the case of local coupling. Even though numerical results exist, there are no references about experimental studies concerning the synchronization times with local coupling. In this paper, we study both experimentally and(More)
The investigation of regular and irregular patterns in nonlinear oscillators is an outstanding problem in physics and in all natural sciences. In general, regularity is understood as tantamount to periodicity. However, there is now a flurry of works proving the existence of "antiperiodicity", an unfamiliar type of regularity. Here we report the experimental(More)
Multistability in the long term dynamics of the Mackey-Glass (MG) delayed model is analyzed by using an electronic circuit capable of controlling the initial conditions. The system's phase-space is explored by varying the parameter values of two families of initial functions. The evolution equation of the electronic circuit is derived and it is shown that,(More)
Thin-layer diffusion conditions were accomplished on screen-printed electrodes by placing a controlled-weight onto the cast solution and allowing for its natural spreading. The restricted diffusive conditions were assessed by cyclic voltammetry at low voltage scan rates and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The relationship between the weight exerted(More)
We study the stability of the fixed-point solution of an array of mutually coupled logistic maps, focusing on the influence of the delay times, , of the interaction between the and maps. Two of us recently reported [Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 134102 (2005)] that if are random enough, the array synchronizes in a spatially homogeneous steady state. Here we study(More)