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Georeferenced information is becoming more important in to-day's society leading to different techniques for georeferencing resources. Most of these techniques present some problems by the internal modification of the file and/or because of these are designed for very specific use cases, so supported formats are very limited. However, in this paper we(More)
Full data coverage of urban environments is crucial to monitor the status of the area to detect, for instance, trends and detrimental environmental changes. Collecting observations related to environmental factors such as noise pollution in urban environments through classical approaches implies the deployment of Sensor Networks. The cost of deployment and(More)
The current collaborative context and resource sharing that drives Web 2.0 is gaining importance within academia and industry, which is stimulating the development of new techniques for content retrieval, sharing and analysis over user-generated media content. This poses new challenges and research opportunities in spatial-based discovery media resources(More)
Environmental information is a valuable resource for a wide range of applications and decision support systems in different domains. This is reflected in different initiatives around the world, such as the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which focuses on defining strategies and standards for collecting, defining and sharing environmental data. One of the(More)
Our goal in the present work was to determine whether male patients with untreated hypogonadism have an increased risk of developing rheumatic/autoimmune disease (RAD), and, if so, whether there is a relation to the type of hypogonadism. We carried out neuroendocrine, genetic, and rheumatologic investigations in 13 such patients and 10 healthy male 46,XY(More)
Virtual Globes have become a common platform for visualizing geographical data. The capability for customization, extensibility and the support of interaction with the visualized elements are some of the aspects to consider when selecting a Virtual Globe for visualization. For visualizing sensor data, aspects such as cardinality, the nature of the data and(More)
A new model for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation is proposed. Specific activity/time curves for CSF kinetics determined after intraventricular injection of a radiotracer were produced by fitting a biexponential function to data points and developing a two-compartmental model. Calculation of kinetic parameters of the model provides quantitative data(More)