Arturo A. Rodriguez

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Video compression is becoming increasingly important with the advent of compression standards and broadband networks. Recently, several block-based motion-estimation algorithms to exploit the temporal redundancies in a video sequence have been reported in the literature. Some of these algorithms tend to be either computationally expensive or to converge to(More)
An image registration approach for inspection of printed circuit patterns which has been validated on a prototype system is described. Theoffline procedure forms, selects, prioritizes, and sorts registration features from CAD-generated reference data. A feature is selected if it satisfies clearance rules that account for the maximum expecteddiscongruence(More)
This paper discusses a video compression and decompression method based on vector quantization (VQ) for use on general purpose computer systems without specialized hardware. After describing basic VQ coding, we survey common VQ variations and discuss their impediments in light of the target application. We discuss how the proposed video codec was designed(More)
It has only been a handful of years since AVC/H.264 ran riot through the video delivery chain and enabled a range of cross-device and cross-network services to bloom and flourish. With the imminent publication of the HEVC/H.265 video coding standard from ITU-T VCEG and ISO/IEC MPEG enabling a similar breakthrough in relative bit-rate reduction, we are(More)