Arturo A. Arce-Esquivel

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Endothelial adaptations to exercise training are not exclusively conferred within the active muscle beds. Herein, we summarize key studies that have evaluated the impact of chronic exercise on the endothelium of vasculatures perfusing nonworking skeletal muscle, brain, viscera, and skin, concluding with discussion of potential mechanisms driving these(More)
Insulin-mediated glucose disposal is dependent on the vasodilator effects of insulin. In type 2 diabetes, insulin-stimulated vasodilation is impaired as a result of an imbalance in NO and ET-1 production. We tested the hypothesis that chronic voluntary wheel running (RUN) prevents impairments in insulin-stimulated vasodilation associated with obesity and(More)
BACKGROUND In humans there is a positive association between epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) volume and coronary atherosclerosis (CAD) burden. We tested the hypothesis that EAT contributes locally to CAD in a pig model. METHODS Ossabaw miniature swine (n=9) were fed an atherogenic diet for 6 months to produce CAD. A 15 mm length by 3-5 mm width coronary(More)
Background: Peripheral neuropathy is characterized by a reduction/alteration in sensation, muscle weakness and chronic fatigue, which may compromise physical function. Mechanisms contributing to the development of PN may include poor vascular function. The purpose was to examine the relationship between measures of vascular and physical function in(More)
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