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First generation egg clusters of Elasmucha grisea are more closely guarded than second generation clusters. The ovaries of this species are structured to enhance this behavior. The population of E. grisea from S-W Poland breeds in the spring (May-June) and late summer (July-August). The second generation clutches contain fewer eggs and are destroyed 3-4(More)
Copolymers of butyl acrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate with various degree of crosslinking and aminolysis were used for penicillin acylase immobilization. The amount and activity of the bound protein decreased with the decrease of crosslinking when copolymers having nearly constant degrees of aminolysis were compared. The increase of the carrier(More)
The literature review dealing with participation of proteolytic enzymes in initiation and execution of apoptosis was done. Cysteine proteases with Asp-X cleavage specificity, called caspases, play the main role in this process. The other proteases such calpains and proteasomes take also part in apoptosis. The proteases degrade proteins of cytoskeleton and(More)
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