Artur Skowronski

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Using synthetic speech, word duration and fundamental frequency (F0) contours were parametrically manipulated to examine processes of phrasal interpretation by adult and child (5 and 7 years old) listeners. From an adult male voice, versions of the phrase "pink and green and white" were resynthesized to produce stimuli suggesting two possible(More)
Circulating leptin concentrations correlate with fat mass and signal the status of somatic energy stores to the brain. Previous studies suggest that diet-induced elevations of body weight increase body weight "set-point". To assess whether chronic hyperleptinemia is responsible for this shift in defended body weight, we elevated circulating leptin(More)
Reactive systems have been investigated and used for a long time. Due to new methods and new technology development, the reactive systems needs their redefinition. These systems are currently an interesting topic for IT (Information Technology) solution providers. In this paper the authors try to define a new view of the architecture of reactive systems,(More)
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