Artur Ribeiro Fernandes

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Noncentrosomal microtubules play an important role in polarizing differentiated cells, but little is known about how these microtubules are organized. Here we identify the spectraplakin, Short stop (Shot), as the cortical anchor for noncentrosomal microtubule organizing centers (ncMTOCs) in the Drosophila oocyte. Shot interacts with the cortex through its(More)
Preprotachykinin-I gene (PPT-I) encodes several peptides with organ-specific functions that link the neuroendocrine-immune-hemopoietic axis. We cloned upstream of the initiation site of human PPT-I promoter and identified consensus sequences for two cAMP response elements (CRE). PPT-I is induced by cytokines including those that signal through the cAMP(More)
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