Artur Rataj

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The model checking tools Uppaal and VerICS accept a description of a network of Timed Automata with Discrete Data (TADDs) as input. Thus, to verify a concurrent program written in Java by means of these tools, first a TADD model of the program must be build. Therefore, we have developed the J2TADD tool that translates a Java program to a network of TADDs;(More)
We describe a GPGPU–based Monte Carlo simulator integrated with Prism. It supports Markov chains with discrete or continuous time and a subset of properties expressible in PCTL, CSL and their variants extended with rewards. The simulator allows an automated statistical verification of results obtained using Prism's formal methods.
We show how to extrapolate an optimal policy controlling a model, which is itself too large to find the policy directly using probabilis-tic model checking (PMC). In particular, we look for a global optimal resolution of non–determinism in several small Markov Decision Processes (MDP) using PMC. We then use the resolution to find a respective set of(More)
MIRELA is a high-level language and a rapid prototyping framework dedicated to systems where virtual and digital objects coexist in the same environment and interact in real time. Its semantics is given in the form of networks of timed automata, which can be checked using symbolic methods. This paper shows how to detect various kinds of indefinite waitings(More)