Artur Quiring

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Three-dimensional integrated circuits gain more and more attention due to their benefits in wirelength reduction and their potential for heterogeneous integration of systems on a chip. Besides the advantages they also lead to new challenges and increasing complexity in designing such systems. This paper focuses on floorplanning such systems. It describes a(More)
In 3D-Floorplanning even more than in 2DFloorplanning new objectives, e.g. temperature, TSV-Planning or IR-Drop are considered. This increases the complexity of the problem formulation and, therefore, of the optimization algorithm, dramatically. Apart from some analytical approaches, simulated annealing based algorithms (SA) are widely used for(More)
PS 404‐14 Evaluation of the Benefit of the User Seal Check on N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Fit: A Pilot Study D. Viscusi, Z. Zhuang, R. Shaffer, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA; M. Bergman, URS Corp., Pittsburgh, PA. Objective: The objective of this study was to better understand the benefit of the user seal check (USC) step in the N95 filtering facepiece(More)
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