Artur Mucha

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Cold-adapted strain of Geomyces pannorum P11 was found to mineralize of phosphorus–carbon bond-containing compound—2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (2-AEP, ciliatine). The biodegradation process proceeded in the phosphate-independent manner. Ciliatine-metabolizing enzymes' activity was detectable in cell-free extracts prepared from psychrophilic G. pannorum(More)
Seven crystal structures of alanyl aminopeptidase from Neisseria meningitides (the etiological agent of meningitis, NmAPN) complexed with organophosphorus compounds were resolved to determine the optimal inhibitor-enzyme interactions. The enantiomeric phosphonic acid analogs of Leu and hPhe, which correspond to the P1 amino acid residues of well-processed(More)
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