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Cold-adapted strain of Geomyces pannorum P11 was found to mineralize of phosphorus–carbon bond-containing compound—2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (2-AEP, ciliatine). The biodegradation process proceeded in the phosphate-independent manner. Ciliatine-metabolizing enzymes' activity was detectable in cell-free extracts prepared from psychrophilic G. pannorum(More)
The Abramov reaction, a base-catalyzed nucleophilic addition of dialkyl H-phosphonates (phosphites) to carbonyl compounds, was performed with oxidized quinine derivatives as the substrates. Homologous aldehydes obtained from the vinyl group reacted in a typical way which led to α-hydroxyphosphonates, first reported compounds containing a direct P-C bond(More)
Seven crystal structures of alanyl aminopeptidase from Neisseria meningitides (the etiological agent of meningitis, NmAPN) complexed with organophosphorus compounds were resolved to determine the optimal inhibitor-enzyme interactions. The enantiomeric phosphonic acid analogs of Leu and hPhe, which correspond to the P1 amino acid residues of well-processed(More)
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