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Gold screw loosening is a problem that frequently affects dental implants. The application of a preload has been the main means of preventing loosening. However, this measure has not been able to eliminate its occurrence. In this study the effect of a washer in a Brånemark-type implant on the loosening conditions of the retaining screw was investigated(More)
The aim of this dissertation, developed at Fraunhofer Portugal, is to create a small electronic device able to check the environmental conditions in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease (AD). This device is able to sense and monitor the environmental temperature and humidity, as well as the movements of the individual based on a free-fall detection(More)
In this paper, we analyse the ability of the P-NET [CEN, 96a] fieldbus network to cope with the timeliness requirements of a Distributed Computer Control System (DCCS), where messages associated to discrete events should be made available to a distributed application within a maximum bound time. The major contribution of this paper is the integration of a(More)
− The measurement of electrical quantities in electronic circuits is inscribed in the non-parametric world for a long time. Multimeters, Oscilloscope and Network Analysers are the preferred tools used by engineers. Parametric identification allows a new step in circuit characterization. This approach opens new perspectives in the process of electronic(More)
This paper proposes a set of coding rules suitable for usage in the Field Bus Application Layer Services. The major considerations presented in this document were adopted as a working basis in the ESPRIT project 5206, FICIM (Field bus Integration into Computer Integrated Manufacturing). As an input from FICIM to the international standardization work, in(More)
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