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This paper will analyze the influence of the scheduler algorithms in network throughput of a virtualized environment. For research tools, Xen will be used as Virtual Machine Monitor and the Credit Scheduler as scheduler algorithm. The experimental results show that under specific configurations changes in some scheduler's parameters can influence in high(More)
Virtual Machine (VM) live migration is key for implementing resource management policies to optimize metrics such as server utilization, energy consumption, and quality-of-service. A fundamental challenge for VM live migration is its impact on both user and resource provider sides, including service downtime and high network utilization. Several VM live(More)
Virtual machine live migration in cloud environments aims at reducing energy costs and increasing resource utilization. However, its potential has not been fully explored because of simultaneous migrations that may cause user application performance degradation and network congestion. Research efforts on live migration orchestration policies still mostly(More)
My participation in SOSP, enabled by the Travel Scholarship program, was full of remarkable experiences. The time outside of the conference sessions was valuable and I was able to meet many new people and make friends, so even this aspect of the experience was a big win, and worth it. As a Ph.D. student at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil,(More)
Com o ressurgimento da Virtualização, uma das suas principais aplicações é a criação de ambientes de testes e homologação de sistemas. Isso se deve principalmente às características que um ambiente virtualizado deve possuir, como encapsulamento e isolamento. Entretanto, existem, nos dias atuais, diversas tecnologias de virtualização, como a(More)
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