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This article presents the semantic portal MUSEUMFINLAND for publishing heterogeneous museum collections on the Semantic Web. It is shown how museums with their semantically rich and interrelated collection content can create a large, consolidated semantic collection portal together on the web. By sharing a set of ontologies, it is possible to make(More)
We present a national ontology development and service framework being developed in Finland in 2003-2007. The framework is based on a set of related core ontologies, most notably on a national upper ontology based on the commonly used Finnish General Thesaurus YSA maintained by the National Library of Finland. The framework implements three ontology(More)
Museum collections contain large amounts of data and semantically rich, mutually interrelated metadatain heterogeneous databases. The publication of museum collections on the web is therefore a very promising application domain for semantic web techniques. We present a semantic web portal called MuseumFinland - Finnish Museums on the Semantic(More)
The Resource Description Framework RDF is used to describe content, such as HTML pages and other documents, for the machines to interpret on the Semantic Web. In contrast, we consider the problem of rendering RDF content for the human interpreter by transforming RDF descriptions into semantically linked HTML pages. In our approach, the layout of the pages(More)
We present a national ontology library development and service framework ONKI under development in Finland. The idea behind the system is to start and support a national collaborative effort for developing mutually interoperable ontologies for the Semantic Web. ONKI supports collaborative development of interdependent ontologies and their usage as a web(More)
This paper presents a semantic portal, MuseumFinland, for publishing heterogeneous museum collections on the Semantic Web. The application is presented from the viewpoints of the end-user and the museums providing the contents. By semantic web techniques, it is possible to make collections semantically interoperable and provide the museum visitors with(More)
We present a national ontology library development framework ONKI under development in Finland. ONKI’s main goal is to support collaborative development and re-use of interdependent ontologies. It features change management and versioning of ontologies as well as a browser component which provides the ontology search and utilization services as Web Services.