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Global software development projects use a variety of communication media, such as teleconferences, email and instant messaging to overcome the challenges caused by the distances. Each communication media has different properties and capabilities to mediate the communication on different software engineering tasks. The use of different tools imply different(More)
Software development as a knowledge intensive activity involves high requirements for communication and collaboration between its practitioners. In global software development, geographical, cultural and language distances bring additional challenges to communication. While text-based communication is very common in global software projects, recent(More)
When globally distributed software development (GSD) is understood as knowledge intensive collaborative work, many of the reasons for problems encountered in GSD projects can be traced back to social conditions framing the collaboration between people at onsite and offsite. A total of 59 interviews were conducted in 8 GSD projects of two major software(More)
Agile software development practices have gained significant importance during last few years as a methodology for implementing software projects. At the same time, software businesses have started to exploit the potential of global software development, most commonly to lower development costs and to access larger pools of competent labor. Global software(More)
There is a lack of research focusing on off-site employees and their position in GSD projects. In this study we describe voluntary turnover of off-site employees and its antecedents in three GSD projects. Voluntary turnover at off-site seemed to be related to for example the levels of work autonomy, challenges provided by the work, and job security at(More)
Research on globally distributed software development (GSD) assumes the characteristics of the GSD projects to differ from collocated projects. Results of mainly qualitative studies describe communication, coordination, and issues related to team dynamics as typical problems in GSD projects. However, there is a lack of quantitative studies using real(More)
  • A. Piri
  • 2008 IEEE International Conference on Global…
  • 2008
When software development is understood as collaborative action between group members, many of the common problems encountered in software development projects can be traced back to social factors of the project. In distributed projects, physical distance between group members limits their face-to-face interaction and thus sets special challenges to(More)
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