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Nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) films have potential as oxygen barriers for, e.g., food packaging applications, but their use is limited by their hygroscopic characteristics. The three-dimensional microstructure of NFC films made of Pinus radiata (Radiata Pine) kraft pulp fibres has been assessed in this study, considering the structural development as a(More)
The purpose of this work was to determine the optimal welding time for linear friction welding of birch (Betula pendula L.) wood while keeping the other parameters constant and at similar levels compared to other species in a similar density range. Specimens with dimensions of 20 × 5 × 150 mm were welded together, and the influence of welding time (2.5,(More)
The effect of steric hindrance is an important aspect of granular packings as it gives rise to, e.g., limitations on the densities of ordered and disordered packings, both of which are essentially defined by the geometry of the constituents. Here we focus on the random packing of rods via deposition and their distributions of contact number and segment(More)
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