Arti Pandya

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Recent advances have made molecular genetic testing for several forms of deafness more widely available. Previous studies have examined the attitudes of the deaf towards genetic testing, including prenatal diagnosis. This study examines the attitudes of deaf college students towards universal newborn hearing screening, including molecular testing for(More)
The genetic fitness of an individual is influenced by their phenotype, genotype and family and social structure of the population in which they live. It is likely that the fitness of deaf individuals was quite low in the Western European population during the Middle Ages. The establishment of residential schools for deaf individuals nearly 400 years ago(More)
The authors report a rare case of multiple intracranial fetuses in fetu, fulfilling Willis' traditional criteria, which include an axial and appendicular skeleton with surrounding organized tissue. This case was ascertained from studies of a full-term female neonate who presented with ventriculomegaly. A CT scan showed intracranial calcifications that were(More)
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