Arti Chaturvedi

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OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of facet joint infiltrations for pain relief in 44 selected patients with chronic nonradicular low back pain (LBP). MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-four patients with chronic LBP of more than 3 months' duration were selected for facet joint infiltration. The majority (n = 24) had facetal pain with no evidence of significant(More)
Cholangiocarcinoma is a dreaded complication of unresected choledochal cysts, with an incidence approaching 20-30% in early adulthood. The risk of cholangiocarcinoma remains high where an internal drainage procedure has been performed and the cyst has been partially resected or left unresected. We report a case of cholangiocarcinoma occurring in an(More)
Introduction: Stress fracture of foot and long bones of leg is a common disability. The problem of “stress fracture” is clinically signifi cant amongst armed forces and athletes due to the high standard of training imparted in the various military regimental training centers and academies. This study was undertaken to compare fi ndings of scintigraphy and(More)
Design patterns have been proposed as a technique to introduce reuse in design phase. In industry, it is focused to reuse design patterns as a reusable part when designing a new application. Reusable Design Pattern, that are proven solutions to common design problems, to improves many qualities of applications like Reusability and its maintainability. If(More)
A 17-year-old male was admitted with 2-month-history of intermittent generalized headache, 10-day history of frequent vomiting, unsteadiness while walking and inability to balance himself. There was no history of facial asymmetry, dysphonia, dysphagia, sphincter disturbances or seizures. Clinically, he had truncal ataxia, ataxic gait, and cerebellar(More)
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