Arthur Willcocks

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In conjunction with a survey of the general dental health of 14-year-old children in North Derbyshire, an investigation was undertaken into their orthodontic condition and treatment status. It was found that approximately 60 per cent of children had not already received and were not scheduled for orthodontic treatment, but that many of these had(More)
The investigation explored the possibility that failure to present for orthodontic treatment might result from failure by the child or parent to recognise the existence of an irregular dentition, or to perceive an irregular dentition as a cause for concern. Although a previous investigation by the present authors revealed that a substantial number of the(More)
The growing importance of home care for the mentally ill is well known to the readers of this magazine. The burdens imposed on the community, and even more on the families involved in this care, are less well known and rarely studied. However, one study has been made in Nottingham.* The results are now being analysed. Families were interviewed, the use of(More)
Ovariotomy is still so rare an operation in India, that I think my experience, which, though it comprises but nine cases, may still be useful to some, who have had no opportunity of studying it. The extraordinary measures adopted to prevent the admission of infective germs, and the jealousy with which visitors are excluded from the oviiriotomists' operating(More)