Arthur Wilkinson

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PURPOSE Laser treatment for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) may be associated with systemic stress for the infant. No national consensus on the optimum method of anaesthesia for the treatment of ROP currently exists. This study ascertains the anaesthetic practices employed for the treatment of ROP by ophthalmologists in the United Kingdom (UK), and also(More)
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs ¡i¿Planck¡/i¿ early results. XIII. Statistical properties of extragalactic radio sources in the ¡i¿Planck¡/i¿ Early Release Compact Source Catalogue Journal Article Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other(More)
Some 30% of disc galaxies have a pronounced central bar feature in the disc plane and many more have weaker features of a similar kind. Kinematic data indicate that the bar constitutes a major non-axisymmetric component of the mass distribution and that the bar pattern tumbles rapidly about the axis normal to the disc plane. The observed motions are(More)
Research efforts in organized assemblies of nanosized particle materials have been intensified lately, in part, due to their application potentialities as the building blocks for electronic nanodevices/nanocircuits. 1-9 Among these, monolayer-protected nanoclusters (MPCs) 10 have attracted particular attention thanks to the (sub)attofarad(More)
Fully cured epoxy samples of Araldite DLS 772 / 4 4' DDS with an amine to epoxy ratio of 0.8M were dissolved in 4M nitric acid in a microwave reaction system at a temperature of 120 o C for a total of 75 minutes. The dissolved compound was collected and dried. High Performance Liquid Chromatography was used to analyze and separate the components in the(More)
Samples of an epoxy resin system, based on Araldite DLS 772 and 4 4' DDS (a hardener) with an amine / epoxy ratio of 0.8 were cured using conventional and microwave heating. The cured samples were cut into the required dimensions using ASTM standards, and then subjected to Density, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis and Flexural tests. It was observed that(More)
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