Arthur W. Johnson

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We have identified a reliable set of multiplexed microsatellite (SSR) markers for the genotyping of strawberry cultivars and their octoploid progenitors. Over 100 SSRs were screened in two F. × ananassa genotypes and from these, 32 that showed promise for genotyping were selected for further analysis. These SSRs were used to screen a set of 16 strawberry(More)
BACKGROUND Proteomic technology permits the investigation of genetic metabolic diseases at the level of protein expression. Changes in the expression, polypeptide structure, and posttranslational modification of individual proteins can be detected in complex mixtures of proteins. METHODS We used high-resolution two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel(More)
A method for the purification of lysosomes from fibroblasts has been developed which uses endocytosis of superparamagnetic colloidal iron dextran particles followed by separation of the iron-containing lysosomes in a magnetic field. This permitted isolation of lysosomes from fibroblasts from patients with infantile sialic acid storage disorder and other(More)
Bile acid concentrations are elevated in the blood of neonates with cholestatic hepatobiliary disorders providing a possible means of screening for treatable conditions including biliary atresia. A method is described for the determination of concentrations of conjugated bile acids in dried blood spots using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Bile(More)
The N-linked glycans on transferrin and alpha(1)-antitrypsin from patients with congenital disorders of glycosylation type I have increased fucosylation and branching relative to normal controls. The elevated levels of monofucosylated biantennary glycans are probably due to increased alpha-(1-->6) fucosylation. The presence of bi- and trifucosylated(More)
Levels of pyridine alkaloids were measured in 18 tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum L., entries from three parental isolines ('NC 95', 'SC 58', and 'Coker 139'), grown at Tifton, GA, Florence, SC, and Oxford, NC, in 1991. Levels of alkaloids in bud leaves (first fully unfolded leaf below the apical leaf bud) were negatively correlated to natural infestation ratings(More)
Nematicides are used to control a wide variety of nematodes on many crops; unfortunately, oftentimes the control they provide is erratic. This erratic behavior is not always predictable and has been associated with chemical, physical, and biological degradation of nematicides. Their accelerated degradation is an agricultural problem that has been observed(More)