Arthur V. Pohm

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The performances of two types of multiprocessor systems with cache memories dedicated to each processor are analyzed. It is demonstrated that by appropriate cache system design, adequate memory system speed can be achieved to keep the processors busy. A write through algorithm is used for each cache to minimize directory searching and several main memory(More)
current rise time of about 20 mysec. It was necessary speed will be obtained by simply substituting higherto current amplify the Ao digit signal with a switching frequency transistors. pair before it was used to switch the final level of transistors because of the high capacitive load represented VII. APPENDIX by 16 reverse biased base emitter junctions.(More)
Recently, three types of memories have been proposed as possible main memory extensions and replacements for head per track disks or drums; these are CCD, bubble, and BEAMOS memories.<sup>1,2,3</sup>The extent to which these memories come into widespread use will depend on such factors as cost, performance, reliability, maintainability and profitability. In(More)