Arthur T. Schmidt

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The abundance and genomic organization of six simple sequence repeats, consisting of di-, tri-, and tetranucleotide sequence motifs, and a minisatellite repeat have been analyzed in different gymnosperms by Southern hybridization. Within the gymnosperm geno-mes investigated, the abundance and genomic organization of micro-and minisatellite repeats largely(More)
B e h z a d S h a h r a r a y J. Mark P a l m q u i s t A r t h u r T. S c h m i d t A B S T R A C T Assembly of a single fiber lightguide cable into a connector t v ~ i c a l l v requires t h e use of epoxy t o adhere A machine vision system for t h e detection, classif-the bare fi&r t o V t h e bore of t h e connector: Once t h e ication and(More)
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