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Winging of the scapula is one of the major features of the rare facio-scapulo-humeral muscular dystrophy. Several methods of retention and fixation of the scapulae have been published, but most have technical disadvantages or complications. A modified method of operative fixation of the scapula to the chest using three polyester laces is described with the(More)
The purpose of our study was to evaluate the cytotoxicity of incubation solutions used in heart surgery to endothelial cells. The endothelial layer of human saphenous veins (HSV) and bovine internal mammary arteries (BMA) and veins (BMV) were studied after a two-hour storage interval and compared with control vessel segments prepared immediately after(More)
Die endokrinen Funktionen der weiblichen Sexua]horraone, ihre Korrelationen zu den anderen innersekretorischen Organen und ihre Abh~ingigkeit yon dem zentralen endokrin-nervSsen Steuerungsorgan, dem Hypophysen-Zwischenhirnsystem, stehen trotz aller Fortschritte in den letzten 30 Jahren auch heute noeh im Brennpunkt der medizinischen Forschung. Diesen(More)
Harvesting and storage may influence the early failure of autologous grafts. We studied the endothelial layer of human saphenous veins (HSV) and bovine internal mammary arteries (BMA) after a two-hour storage period in comparison to vessel segments prepared immediately after harvesting. The storage solutions were 0.92% NaCl, 0.9% NaCL heparinized, Ringer's(More)
Veins and arteries grafted into the aorto-to-coronary position undergo degenerative processes, subintimal fibrous hyperplasia and diffuse atherosclerosis. We examined the influence of various crystalloid and cardioplegic solutions on the endothelium of human saphenous veins and internal mammary arteries, bovine internal mammary veins and arteries and rabbit(More)
BACKGROUND Alteration of endothelial permeability by perfusion solutions used may influence the outcome of bypass grafts. METHOD Carotid arteries of New Zealand rabbits were locally perfused in situ for 20 or 60 min with various solutions used in bypass surgery. After restoring normal circulation, horseradish peroxidase was injected in the ear vein.(More)
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