Arthur Smirnov

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Oxygen surface exchange kinetics and diffusion have been studied by the isotope exchange method with gas phase equilibration using a static circulation experimental rig in the temperature range of 600-800 °C and oxygen pressure range of 0.13-2.5 kPa. A novel model which takes into account distributions of the dissociative adsorption and incorporation rates(More)
This article is devoted to the development of a device implanted in human oral cavity for continuous monitoring of the patient’s salivary fluid in order to detect occurring cardiac diseases. Miniature sensor draws in saliva at certain intervals and analyzes it for the presence of biological markers that indicate, for example, approaching myocardial(More)
Possibilities for the application of gene therapy based on insertion of transgenes into a patient’s cells in order to express anti-HIV agents interfering with the virus life cycle analogously to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) were reviewed. Anti-HIV agents based on various types of RNA (ribozymes, antisense RNA, RNA aptamers, RNA decoys, small(More)
Harmonization of national standards for drugs is one of the most relevant contemporary tasks for states, and the importance of this task for Russia increased with entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Apart from laws regulating medicines, a large body of subordinate legislation also requires review and updating. The guidelines for studies of drug(More)