Arthur Scharmann

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The methods of thermally stimulated luminescence (t.s.l), thermally stimulated exoelectron emission (t.s.e.e.), electron spin resonance (e.s.r), and infrared spectroscopy (i.r.) have been used to investigate whether the specific cytotoxic activities of SiO2 dust of various origins can be attributed to physical parameters. After interaction of toxic dusts(More)
1. U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment: Are we cleaning up? 10 superfund case studies special report. Washington: US Government Printing Office 1988 2. Ahlfeld, D. P., Mulvey, G. M., Pinder, G. F. : Adv. Wat. Resour. 10, 200 (1987) 3. Bear, J., Berkowitz, B. : Developments in Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 4, p. 175. Amsterdam: Elsevier 1987 4.(More)
U nter Marangoni-Effekten versteht man Fliissigkeitsbewegungen, die durch Inhomogenit/iten der Grenzfl/ichenspannung in freien Flfissigkeitsoberfl/ichen (Grenzfl/ichen) zustande kommen. Die Inhomogenit/iten k6nnen thermischer und chemischer Natur sein. Die Marangoni-Effekte sind daher ein Ph/inomen yon allgemeiner Bedeutung fiir alle Flfissigkeiten mit(More)
Thermoluminescence comprises two fundamental processes, one proceeding at a constant temperature during the stimulation of the solid body by electromagnetic radiation or particle radiation, the other when the specimen is heated. The light emission during the rise of temperature can show several maxima and is called thermoluminescence glow curve. In some(More)
After excitation with external electric fields E<inf>p</inf> (10 V/cm &#x003C; E<inf>p</inf> &#x003C; 104 V/cm) during cooling down dielectric relaxations can be observed in short circuit measurements at about 185 K. The depolarisation glow peak exhibits a complex behaviour which is effected by the direction of the external field with respect to crystal(More)
In-plane linear polarization of luminescence under above-band-gap excitation was investigated in type II and type I GaAs/AlAs (001) quantum wells and superlattices together with the study of level anticrossing and ODMR. Correlation of such polarization with the preferential exciton localization was found and discussed in terms of coexistence of excitons and(More)