Arthur Ramer

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—We model the user's quality of experience (QoE) in a wireless voice over IP (VoIP) service as a function of the amount of effort the user has to put to continue her conversation. We assume that users would quit or terminate an ongoing call if they have to put more efforts than they could tolerate. Not knowing the tolerance threshold of each individual(More)
Wireless voice over IP (VoIP) is subject to unpredictable link conditions which directly contribute to user irritation. Standard technological means available to the network provider to remedy wireless link problems require additional radio resources to be allocated. Given that radio resource is limited, it is not clear whether such allocation(More)
  • A. Ramer
  • 2006
A computational model for expressions of trust values is outlined. It is based on the proposal by Jonker and Treur to base trust updates on reported experiences. The model handles arbitrary sequences of experience inputs; its such updates are fully commutative and associative. It satisfies all the axiomatic properties suggested for the trust values. Trust(More)