Arthur P. Young

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Neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) is induced by nerve growth factor (NGF) in pheochromocytoma PC12 cells. Previous studies from our laboratory identified two closely linked promoters (designated 5'1 and 5'2) that mediate transcription of the human nNOS gene in the brain [J. Xie, P. Roddy, T.K. Rife, F. Murad, A.P. Young, Two closely linked but separable(More)
Genetic research on influenza virus biology has been informed in large part by nucleotide variants present in seasonal or pandemic samples, or individual mutants generated in the laboratory, leaving a substantial part of the genome uncharacterized. Here, we have developed a single-nucleotide resolution genetic approach to interrogate the fitness effect of(More)
Professor Lancaster's audacious prediction of a paperless society by the end of the twentieth century is examined from multiple perspectives. Rationales for the prognostication, textual and contextual; reception by the profession; and impact on the literature of library and information science are reviewed. Bibliometric data is introduced in support of the(More)
We have compared the steroid responsiveness of Müller glial cells of intact embryonic chicken retina with that of primary cultures derived from Müller glia. Appropriately constructed fusion genes were found to be highly glucocorticoid inducible after their cotransfection with an expression vector encoding the human glucocorticoid receptor (GR) into intact(More)
This article demonstrates that the chicken glutamine synthetase (GS) promoter contains cis-acting elements that direct transcription to retinal Müller glial cells. The transient assay system developed to identify these elements involved electroporation of intact retinal tissue with GS-beta-galactosidase fusion genes followed by preparation of primary(More)
Epistasis is one of the central themes in viral evolution due to its importance in drug resistance, immune escape, and interspecies transmission. However, there is a lack of experimental approach to systematically probe for epistatic residues. By utilizing the information from natural occurring sequences and high-throughput genetics, this study established(More)
Illinois Wesleyan University is preparing to unveil its newly constructed Ames Library, the state's newest academic library, soon. Envisioned by the planners to be both " externally majestic and internally inviting, " the library will marry technology with tradition by integrating a rich network of digital resources with traditional scholarly materials in a(More)
Cessation of cell division and DNA synthesis are not required for beta NGF-induced neurite outgrowth from PC12 cells. However, beta NGF-mediated increases in RNA and protein levels closely correlate with the size and number of neurites per cell suggesting that these changes influence some quantitative aspects of neurite outgrowth. RNA levels are increased(More)
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