Arthur P. Young

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Neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) is induced by nerve growth factor (NGF) in pheochromocytoma PC12 cells. Previous studies from our laboratory identified two closely linked promoters (designated 5'1 and 5'2) that mediate transcription of the human nNOS gene in the brain [J. Xie, P. Roddy, T.K. Rife, F. Murad, A.P. Young, Two closely linked but separable(More)
In this talk I will try to summarize current activity in the condensed matter physics community on quantum phase transitions with disorder. I will describe some examples and explain in what ways these transitions diier from conventional phase transitions at nite temperature. In particular, similarities with, and diierences from, phase transitions studied in(More)
We simulate the quantum adiabatic algorithm (QAA) for the exact cover problem for sizes up to N=256 using quantum Monte Carlo simulations incorporating parallel tempering. At large N, we find that some instances have a discontinuous (first-order) quantum phase transition during the evolution of the QAA. This fraction increases with increasing N and may tend(More)
Genetic research on influenza virus biology has been informed in large part by nucleotide variants present in seasonal or pandemic samples, or individual mutants generated in the laboratory, leaving a substantial part of the genome uncharacterized. Here, we have developed a single-nucleotide resolution genetic approach to interrogate the fitness effect of(More)
We have compared the steroid responsiveness of Müller glial cells of intact embryonic chicken retina with that of primary cultures derived from Müller glia. Appropriately constructed fusion genes were found to be highly glucocorticoid inducible after their cotransfection with an expression vector encoding the human glucocorticoid receptor (GR) into intact(More)
We study the quantum phase transition in the two-dimensional random Ising model in a transverse field by Monte Carlo simulations. We find results similar to those known analytically in one dimension. At the critical point the dynamical exponent is infinite and the typical correlation function decays with a stretched exponential dependence on distance. Away(More)
This article demonstrates that the chicken glutamine synthetase (GS) promoter contains cis-acting elements that direct transcription to retinal Müller glial cells. The transient assay system developed to identify these elements involved electroporation of intact retinal tissue with GS-beta-galactosidase fusion genes followed by preparation of primary(More)
We study the quantum transition at T = 0 in the spin-1 2 Ising spin–glass in a transverse field in two dimensions. The world line path integral representation of this model corresponds to an effective classical system in (2+1) dimensions, which we study by Monte Carlo simulations. Values of the critical exponents are estimated by a finite-size scaling(More)