Arthur O Rahn

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The Aramany classification system of postsurgical maxillectomy defects is a useful tool for teaching and developing obturator framework designs and enhancing communication among prosthodontists. This article describes a series of Aramany-obturator design templates and discusses the relevant considerations for each. In all situations, a quadrilateral or(More)
A laboratory experiment was conducted to measure the amount of movement in each of two directions on each of seven teeth, induced by three common designs of retainer, under both splinted and unsplinted conditions. An analysis of variance on a four-way, completely crossed, fixed-effects model showed significant main effects for design, splintedness, and(More)
The labial sectional impression technique in the maxillary immediate denture can be done in many different materials with varied results. The use of vinyl polysiloxane putty for this impression technique is demonstrated and shows the superior results both in the ease of use and the detail of the impression surface.
In many localities, particularly in larger medical centers, presurgical communication and planning is increasing because the prosthodontist is becoming a more active member of the oncology, trauma, and cleft palate teams. Individuals involved both directly or indirectly in maxillofacial prosthetic therapy should be cognizant of the situations and solutions(More)
Discussion between the surgeon and prosthodontist on surgical planning is important. It is necessary that they each be aware of the other's problems. Only in this way can continuity be established between surgical and prosthetic procedures. This will provide a maximum level of treatment for the maxillofacial patients, thereby returning them to society most(More)