Arthur Mutter

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This work deals with the service time of IP-packets within the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN). The focus is on the influence of the Radio Link Control (RLC) Layer’s ARQ-mechanism with respect to the various parametrization possibilities. The service time of IP packets is evaluated by means of pdf and ccdf functions. Beside the discussion of(More)
Packet assembly at the network edge is one solution to reduce the high packet rates in core network switches. For this, specialized edge nodes called Assembly Units are needed that assemble client packets into containers and vice versa. In this paper we present the detailed architecture and implementation of a generic Frame Assembly Unit for the Frame(More)
Packet assembly at the network edge is one solution to reduce high packet rates in core network switches. Literature discusses this topic controversially because of three reasons: (1) potential negative impact of packet assembly on the traffic characteristics, (2) disruptive integration into existing networks and (3) lack of support of packet assembly in(More)
Packet classification is one of the major tasks of packet processing systems at the edge of high-speed transport networks. As existing protocols are evolving and new protocols are constantly being developed, today’s network systems have to be highly flexible and adaptable to changing requirements. In this paper we present a scalable architecture for a(More)
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